About Me

I am a London based upholsterer specialising in both modern and traditional techniques. With over 30 years of upholstery experience, I have worked on large commercial contracts as well as smaller private projects.

I aim to breathe new life into antique furniture, not just to invigorate a much loved item, but also because it’s kinder for the environment. Avoiding waste whenever possible is a major consideration in my upholstery services – whether it’s up-cycling furniture or recycling fabrics.

Over the years, I have taken on a number of apprentices as part of my commitment to share my knowledge and expertise with the next generation of upholsterers. It’s been a great source of pride to see them go on flourish and establish themselves as professional craftspeople.

Contact me for an estimate for your next upholstery project. I am based in Clapham, South London, but I can visit your premises within the London area for an assessment.